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Retailers Point of View

  • This is an opportunity to place your offers and display on what makes you unique from others and what can attract a customer to your store.
  • This platform is FREE for anyone who uses it for the first time.
  • Details of your business or organization may require your Name, Address, Links (Website or Social media page) or photos of your business so a customer can get in touch with you directly.
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Customers Point of View

  • We bring you variety of suppliers, all under one roof, who you can get in touch with for your wedding. This can also be a platform for those who couldn’t find certain stores till the last moment.
  • We give you an option to search for retailers from different districts which makes you choose the best person under each category we have displayed such as: The best hotels in the country, all sorts of decorations (halls, flowers, cards and etc.), traditional wear, dancing or singing groups and many more.
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